Event : MTV Indonesia Award 2008

“The Lollipop Party”

Place : Tennis Indoor, Senayan

Date : September, 19 2008

Performance : Afgan, Nidji, The Changcuters, Gita Gutawa, ST 12, D’Massive, Nine Ball, RAN, Prisa, Bondan & Fade 2 Black, Netral, Vicky Sianipar, Saint Loco.

Result !!

Best Performance on Stage : The Changcuters

Best Model on Clip : Marsha Timoty

Best Video of Year : Letto – Permintaan Hati

Best Cutting Edge Artist : Efek Rumah Kaca

Most Breakthrough Artist : D’Massive

Most Favorite Female : Agnez Monica

Most Favorite Male : Afgan

Most Favorite Band/Group/Duo : Yovie and Nuno

Artist of The Year : Afgan


9 thoughts on “Event : MTV Indonesia Award 2008

  1. hWwAaa…ThE cHaNGCutERs DaPet PeNGhArGaaN…

    KerEn saNGAdH MeREkAA…

    tOp aBIeZ…

    mAjuu TerUzZ BuAd tHeE chAngCuTerS….

    qTaa PaRaa ChAngcuT raNGErS PazTi MeNDukuNg kaLiAn seLaLu…

    WoW MaAaa!!!!

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