[Event] Boyz II Men with Orchestra

Boyz II Men


Tanggal: Selasa, 11 Desember 2012

Tempat: Skenoo Exhibition Hall, Gandaria City – Jakarta

Waktu: 20.30 WIB, open gate 19.00 WIB


WAVE 1 Diamond Rp.1,250,000.00 Rp.1,375,000.00
WAVE 1 Gold Rp.750,000.00 Rp.825,000.00
WAVE 1 G.A Rp.500,000.00 Rp.550,000.00
WAVE 2 Diamond Rp.2,000,000.00 Rp.2,200,000.00
WAVE 2 Gold Rp.1,250,000.00 Rp.1,375,000.00
WAVE 2 G.A Rp.600,000.00 Rp.660,000.00
WAVE 3 Diamond Rp.2,500,000.00 Rp.2,750,000.00
WAVE 3 Gold Rp.1,750,000.00 Rp.1,925,000.00
WAVE 3 G.A Rp.700,000.00 Rp.770,000.00

Info: Trylogi Live


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