MADE Series – A : Bang Bang Bang

MADE Series : A

Congratulation to The Kings, BigBang! They have released the second part of their new album MADE, last night through Naver TV. The MV launch almost made me lost opportunity to post my #‎NulisRandom2015 yesterday. But I can post my trip story few minute before 12 am. Happy! 😀

Back to the MADE Series : A, this album introducing 2 new songs from BigBang, Bang Bang Bang and We Like 2 Party. But only MV of Bang Bang Bang was released yesterday. From what I read, they will release We Like 2 Party on this Friday. Can’t wait to see the MV, because personally, I’d love to hear We Like 2 Party than Bang Bang Bang. The music so catchy and sounds like 90s. It throw me back to the old memory, made me work accompanied with musics from that era today.

Bang Bang Bang, it’s kinda weird to listen the different vibe on one song. There are three kind of arrangement I can hear from this song. The start part, chorus part and encore part (I mention the closing part as encore, as it was concept like a different song to close the music.) Salute to YG team who can have the crazy idea like that. The vibe are different, but but it’s harmonized smoothly.



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